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How to Overcome Gadget Addiction in Children and Teenagers


How to Overcome Gadget Addiction in Children and Teenagers
How to Overcome Gadget Addiction in Children and Teenagers

    Leerop.com - The use of gadgets has become a daily necessity. Not only adults but also children. Indeed, our daily activities are made easier because of the help of advanced technology from the gadgets we use.

Behind the convenience offered, using gadgets can also cause addiction, especially for children or teenagers who use devices to play. How to overcome gadget addiction in children and teenagers?

Research results published in Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) show that gadget addiction can trigger depression, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. So then, what should be done?

How to Overcome Gadget Addiction Effectively

According to National Geographic, addiction causes drastic changes in the brain's anatomy and signaling cells in the body. The following are important points for us to understand.

• Find New Fun

At first, addiction comes from normal pleasures, then continues to be an extreme pleasure that makes him willing to do it again and again even though there is no benefit.

The conditions will be different if they have other hobbies or interests, so they don't stay glued to their cellphones. But, on the other hand, children who are busy with different interesting activities can certainly make them forget their gadgets.

• Remove Addictive Apps

The next effective way to overcome gadget addiction is to remove applications that trigger addiction, such as games or social media. Of course, there must be an agreement between parents and children about this commitment because deleted applications are easy to download again.

• Change Friend Circle

This one method is quite extreme, but it is important to do. Sometimes addiction is the influence of his friends. Separating children from friends who are gadget maniacs is one way to treat addiction.

Give Reward If Successfully Overcome

Giving rewards or gifts when children succeed in overcoming gadget addiction is a motivation in itself. The important thing is that they realize many interesting things apart from the cellphone screen.

Overcoming gadget addiction in children and adolescents may not be easy. However, every parent or wiser adult should pay attention to this. So, what about the children and teenagers around you?

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